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Shared Decision Making

School Improvement Plan

Casey's Shared Decision Making Team, comprised of parent/community member, staff and administration, is committed to supporting the Casey mission statement and thereby working collaboratively for the welfare of our youth's academic achievement and character development.

Our mission at Casey is to provide a positive learning environment, which promotes sound academic and social values while preparing students to meet future challenges as responsible citizens.

Our operating principles are:

  • The team follows the district plan for SDMT, keeping the operating principles to a minimum
  • A minimum of five members present is required to hold a meeting
  • The leader will remain constant, while the roles of minute taker will rotate
  • We will maintain confidentiality about individual statements. "What is said here stays here. What is produced here should be shared out."
  • Periodically, guests may be invited to present or observe a meeting at the discretion of the group